The 6 Common Uses for our Self Storage Containers

Storage containers can be used for almost whatever you like, but there are certain times when they are almost crucial. They can be used for any length of time and come in a variety of sizes with security and protection for whatever your needs. Our modern self storage units in Darwin are clean, safe and affordable so let’s look at how they’re most commonly used.

Moving Home

When moving house, there can be all sorts of delays so temporary storage can be a life saver. Whilst no one wants to store their belongings twice you may not have an option especially if you have to move before you can get into your dream property, after all, you wouldn’t want to lose it. Sometimes you might have decorators or renovators in your new premises and just want to store your larger items out of the way, self-storage is your perfect solution.

Extra Business Space

Sometimes you may have a stock shipment that takes time to sell or ship, or you may have a market stall where there is no permanent business space. Running your business from an affordable storage container is a great option.

Files and Archives

If you have a business that is medium to large and have a lot of paperwork that needs to be kept for legal or other reasons and your office is not large enough, then safe, secure and dry off-site storage is perfect for files and boxes containing paperwork and other materials.

Deceased Family Items

In the awful event of going through a loved one’s belongings often the property will be sold, and you haven’t had time to go through everything, you may want to keep things or sell them but haven’t had time before having to empty the property. Self-storage is ideal in this situation.

Renovating Your Home or Office

During a stressful process like a renovation or extension, if you don’t have space to move everything into other areas of your home, you’ll want your furniture and other items to be safe from accidental damage. Storing larger items out the way makes it easier for you and the renovators.

Vehicle or Boat Storage

If you have a leisure vehicle like a speedboat or motorbike? In off-seasons or if you just want a safe place then a storage shed is perfect if you don’t have a garage. It’s safe, insured and protected from the elements. Perfect for Jet Skis, boats, speedboats, mountain bikes, lawnmowers, cars or anything that can fit.

There are many other uses besides these and there is almost nothing we can’t store so please get in touch or book online.

Benefits of iStore Self-Storage

  • 24/7 Bookings Online
  • 24/7 Online Payments
  • State of the Art Security
  • Climate Controlled
  • On-Site Manager
  • Locally Owned & Operated
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