De-Clutter Your Room with These 7 Space-Saving Furniture

We all struggle to keep our homes clean. With our modern, fast-paced lifestyle, most people often put house cleaning at the least of our priorities. After juggling tonnes of responsibilities, they often don’t have enough time to clean up and organise their home items.

If you’re one of them, fret not! Having a cluttered house is very common nowadays, especially if it is owned by busy people. But if you can no longer stand the mess, it’s time for you to amp up your space by bringing in some home furniture items. Below is a list of simple and innovative items for de-cluttering your home:

Storage boxes and containers

If you feel like you just don’t have enough time to organise your room and belongings, then consider putting them in plastic containers. These PVC storage units are deep and spacious enough for books, clothing and other belongings to be stored in.

These space-savers are worth your money. It’s sturdy, movable and stackable, so you don’t have to eliminate any necessary furniture in your room. You can also keep these storage units alongside your spacious closet, dresser or bed.

But if you really need large space for your big items, you can hire a company that offers storage facilities.

  • Foldable sofa bed

A folding bed can double as a couch, lounge chair and bed. If you’re not using it this furniture, all you have to do is fold it up. Most sofa beds come with a built-in storage drawer, so buying them seem like you’re paying for two types of furniture instead of one.

  • Wall-mounted shelves

Aside from occupying only a small space, wall-mounted shelves have layers where you can put many items. By installing it, you can store books, CDs, figurines, decorations and framed photos. You can also use it for placing small, indoor plants and installing lighting fixtures.

  • Fold-down table

A fold-down table can double as a desk, dining area and workbench—a great, innovative addition to your apartment. You can just pull it down whenever using it, and push it back against the wall after use.

  • Freestanding mirror

A freestanding mirror is different from a traditional, full-length mirror. This one is manufactured to place it wherever you want to. Place it in an empty corner of the room or wherever you prefer it. However, if you want a more space-saver trick, mount it on the back of your bedroom door.

  • Hanging bedside table

usually made of steel or wood, this type of bedside dresser is hung on the wall. These can hold your lampshade, books, indoor plants, alarm clock, and other stuff.

  • Multi-function table and chair

Owning a multi-function table set can save you more room space than you can imagine. This is usually a hi-low table design, where a bench or chair fits under the table’s surface. When not in use, all you need to do is to fold and place it in your storage room.

By buying these space-saving home items, you can minimise clutter in your home.

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