Now that autumn in Australia is well on its way, keeping your boats safely secured and tucked in your reliable boat storage facility is a must. Not only will this preserve the pristine condition of your vessel, but it will also ensure that your craft is in tiptop shape even after weeks or months of not being in use.

Whether you are a full-time user or simply an avid enthusiast, you will need to store your dinghy one way or another. Whilst parking in your garage is a viable option, this certainly isn’t the most desirable option. Apart from taking up unnecessary space, this can also block your path from time to time.

Searching for your preferred boat storage facility might be easy. However, finding the right company that will give you unparalleled service is something you must not take lightly, particularly when your ship is at stake. Prior to making a decision, here are some factors you might want to look into:

Boat Storage Security

Entrusting a piece of your investment is like parting with a piece of yourself. Since you don’t want to lose your precious dinghy to just anyone, finding a secure storage space that is equipped with state-of-the-art systems is essential. The right company will provide you with limited access, protected fencing and barriers, specialised locks, roving security guards and highly advanced video surveillance systems.

Through these equipment, you can ensure that your beloved boat stays well within the gated perimeters. Should you decide to take your vessel out for a spin, you can do so with limited keypad access only you know about. Likewise, make sure that your chosen provider has an insurance policy in place to help you protect your goods even whilst you are away.

Ample Storage Space

Boat sizes can vary from one style to another. Most of the time, these vessels can fit anywhere from 2 to 10 people depending on the model you have on hand. With this in mind, having ample parking and storage space is important. This allows you to freely park and store your craft alongside your other maintenance equipment. In addition, finding a facility that offers a spacious space gives you the peace of mind you deserve, especially knowing that your vessel is not crowded with the boats of other customers.

Perfect Location

Parking your craft near your place is something you might want to consider, particularly if you are interested in going boating every now and then. This way, you can gain access to your dinghy any time you wish.

In the same way, if your location is prone to extreme types of weather, finding an enclosed storage facility might be your best option. Opting for this choice allows you to protect the condition of your craft from sun, wind and even water damage.

Take note of these characteristics if you want to find a boat storage facility that can keep your valuables in good condition. With this article, choosing the right unit won’t be as challenging as you think.

What can i store?

  • Documents & Files
  • Building Materials
  • Distribution
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Computer Equipment
  • Office Furniture

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