Just because your neighbours allow you to park anywhere doesn’t mean that it’s safe to leave your car near or outside your house every day. Aside from the carnapping incidents, you also need to take note of the weather that can damage your investment.

If you don’t have a garage or enough space in your area, there are many companies that offer car storage Darwin. Whether you want to store your classic car or you have an extra vehicle but have nowhere to park, the vehicle storage facilities that we have can help.

Whilst cars are a good investment, it’s tough to find a space for them, especially if you only have one garage. Some need to cut their trees and remove their patio to make way for a parking space. Others need to extend their area, which then leads to too much work and hassle.

If you have a big property, you need to remember that properly storing isn’t as simple as putting your car in a garage and closing the door. You need to make sure that the air circulates in the area to avoid creating enough heat that can blow out the windows and the headlights.

Classic Car

Classic cars are expensive. This is why you need to keep your investment in the best condition as possible. If you are moving overseas or an avid collector, we have a variety of storage units you can use. This also helps if you are not comfortable in leaving your precious toys in your home. We ensure that we will take care of your cars and maintain their showroom finish whilst they are under our care.

Cover Storage

We have tall, wide, flat roofs car storage Darwin. For those who are looking for maximum protection, renting our self-storage units is the best way to go. We will keep your things free from dust, dirt and other environmental factors that may affect your automobile.


The most important thing you need to consider when storing your car is the security offered by the facility. They must take the security seriously and ensure you that your possessions are all safe. This is exactly what we provide. Our facility is structurally the strongest and safest self storage facility in Darwin.

Access Hours 

If you want to retrieve your vehicles any time of the day, you may want to store with us as our normal hours are 6am until 8pm every day of the year and for a small fee you can have 24 hour access. With us, you don’t need to worry about your time as you can have your mobiles even if it is past the normal business hours.

There’s nothing quite like seeing your mobiles safe and in good shape. Let’s face it: not all of us have the space where we can keep our cars. If you don’t want to risk and leave them in your area, you can talk to us and we can find the car storage Darwin that you desire for an affordable rate. Visit our website to learn more.