Planning for a move? When it comes to storage, nothing beats the kind of handiness moving boxes provides. From packing, loading to transporting, these cartons could handle everything with care.  However, unknown to many, there are several classes of moving boxes that are used for different purposes.

As you get ready to embark on your moving course, be sure to know what type of boxes for sale you must purchase. To help you with that, here are a few of the different box types and their distinct features:

1. Tea Chest Carton

Tagged as the most versatile of boxes, the tea chest carton comes as an all-purpose type. It is designed with excellent quality to ensure that it will not disintegrate when loaded and transported, making it the perfect choice for packing clothes, beddings, and plasticware.

2. Port a Robe

Literally defined as portable wardrobes, the port a robe carries a rail to which you could hang up your garments during your move – no need to fold or worry about possible crease! It could also be used as an alternative wardrobe in your new place before you go for furniture shopping.

3. Book/Wine Box

Recognized to be the smallest among moving cartons, the book or wine box measures only 1.5 cubic feet and is designed to carry up to 60 pounds. Generally, this type is used to store and transport books, dishes, small appliances, and other delicate materials that range from medium to small sizes. Proper procedures in using this kind, usually, involves placing of crumpled packing paper at the bottom and other extra space at the top to ensure the materials’ safety.

As you scroll to through different online boxes for sale, try categorizing the products according to their features. How many pounds will your carton need to carry? For what purpose are you going to use the box for? Try answering these points in order to identify what type perfectly match your needs.

If you are unsure about the size of the product flashing on the screen, do not hesitate to contact the shop and ask for professional advice. Also, you can read these tips on how Storage Boxes create more space in your home.